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Compensation Comparisons Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Compensation Comparisons - Assignment ExampleLook at the twenty-fifth percentile for both base pay and total cash compensation for Bookkeeper. Both of these amounts are the same. This means that bonuses are influenced by several factors including responsibilities, performance, and longevity.I would be able to use the above information in negotiation my salary for a theorise right after graduation. First, I would assess my level of skills for the job I am applying. Second, I would compare this level with that of others in the field. Say, if my level of skills is deemed above average, then I can demand a salary estimable the 75th percentile base pay of the job I am applying in.To support the asking price, I would present letters of references from my professors in relevant subjects detailing my performance in the class. However, the asking price of other applicants can significantly impact whether I get what I am asking for.For these jobs, the relevant restriction market includes a ll industries as all firms in whatever field maintain an accounting department. Moreover, there is no significant differences between salaries in contrary locations.These salary data were developed based on the review of on tap(predicate) and applicable market data as gathered by and Salary.coms police squad of compensation consultants. I believe that there is enough information to support the conclusion made by the team. This is so because given the speed with which people per centum information now data collection on sensitive issues is much easier. Nevertheless, the use of inaccurate salary data is a large financial impact. For example, if an stupid salary data is used in negotiating ones salary, then it is highly likely that the negotiated salary would also be incorrect.Given that this information is available for free, I wouldnt bother with consultants surveys. However, if the job I am applying for is high level, say Chief Executive Officer, then this would be a time where I will use

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Marketing Research in Theory and Practice Essay

market Research in hypothesis and Practice - Essay ExampleMarketing Research in Theory and PracticeBefore embarking upon discussing the research report on the given topic, it would be appropriate to define some concepts and terms used in the present study.Marketing research, according to the American Marketing Association, is the function that links the consumer, customer and the public to the marketer through information-information is used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems generate, esteem and refine marketing actions monitor market performance and improve understanding of marketing as a process. In other words, marketing research refers to the authoritative procedure for the collection and analysis of data regarding some specific market intersection point. It enables the manufacturers, industries and companies to have a comprehensive and analytical assessment in respect of the views, preferences, requirements as well as prospects and perils of the co nsumers, retailers and stakeholders involved in sales and purchase of their product. The data gathered and interpreted during marketing research significantly supports the organizations draw out proximo plans according to the changing trends and scenario of the market. It is considerably helpful in enhancing the organizations volume of production and sales. Marketing research Zaidi & Javed opine, concentrates on data collection related to market product while interacting with the consumers, gathering information from them and interpreting results about various aspects of a market product.

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Virtual Business Design Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Virtual Business Design - Assignment ExampleProblem Definition Since the Eurozone debt crisis that affected Portugal since 2010, the pharmaceutical industry in general and olive Pharmaceuticals nourish been experiencing reduced profitability. As a result, it has become difficult to stay within the annual operational budgets. As part of the 2011 IMF bailout package, the Portuguese government has instituted heavy reductions in worldly concern expenditure which includes the public health care system. Olive Pharmaceuticals has been affected because of the growing public debt of hospitals and the cuts in pharmaceutical expenditure by the government. In 2012, public hospitals owed 1.5 billion to international pharmaceutical companies. In 2013, the public pharmaceutical expenditure was further reduced by 333 million, which makes pharmaceutical expenditure just 1 pct of GDP (Feria, 2012). As a result, sales to state hospital pharmacies have declined by 10% over the past two years (Feria, 2012). At the equal time, operational costs have not reduced proportionally because of increase in energy costs and imported raw materials. The business mission of Olive Pharmaceuticals is to provide high quality oncology pharmaceutical products at affordable prices to consumers through efficient operations and continuous research. This is achieved through goals of keeping operating costs showtime and maintaining egress chain efficiency. The situation has implications for think and organizing decisions for Olive Pharmaceuticals as it influences the decision about put in research or selling generic products. Secondly, the supply chain may have to be reorganized for greater operational efficiency. Situation Analysis Impact of the Situation on Planning Planning is delimit as the management function related to the determination of organizational goals and objectives and identifying tasks and resources to achieve those goals (Hill and McShane, 2006). The goal of Olive Pharmaceutic als is to grow its market share and profitability by investing in research and efficient operations. Planning is conducted at different levels such as strategic planning, tactical planning and operational planning. The present situation has implications for planning at all levels. Strategic planning is concerned with decisions about which products to produce and which markets to serve (Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2009). In the current situation, where the government is cut back expenditure on pharmaceutical products, the sales of oncology products will become expensive due to high costs. Rationing will further reduce profits while keeping costs the same. On the other hand, sales of generic drugs will increase due to lower prices to the consumer. The planning decisions to be made in this situation include the selection of whether to touch investment in researching new products or market generic drugs to reduce costs and increase sales. This would require careful analysis of the or ganizational mission and goals. tactical planning is concerned with decisions made at the divisional level. These goals and plans are developed with a view to help the achievement of strategic level goals and plans (Daft, 2013). The challenge of reducing operational costs can be achieved through effective planning at the tactical level with the divisional managers assuming responsibility for staying within the operating budgets for their divisions. Finally, operational level planning is also relevant in the current situ

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Social Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Social Justice - Essay ExampleFirst of all, it is highly important to know astir(predicate) different forms of organisational justice. Distributive justice and procedural justice are two different forms of justice that can be implemented in organisational operational deal. Distributive justice generally developed upon several distribution principles. This distributive justice generally has three important elements, such(prenominal) as equity, require and equality. Equity generally exists when the possible outcomes are proportional to the specific contributors. In terms of equality, the recipients generally receive similar level of result. In terms of needs, the stopping point results or outcomes are proportionate to the needs (Hegtvedt, 2005).On the other hand, procedural justice can be considered as the study subjective evaluation of justice for people considering some specific procedures, whether they are ethical or unethical and fair or unfair. These specific procedures have several key organizational elements, such as interaction, problem solving, decision making, leaders, management and interpersonal dynamics (Tyler, 2005). These two approaches are very much important in the stiff operational process of modern day organizations.The organizational leaders, such as CEO needs to develop and implement unique strategies in order to ensure effective organizational within the workplace. First of all, it is highly important to ensure effective leadership style in order to confirm effective workplace environment. Democratic leadership style will help the organizations to ensure effective corporate governance, ethical operational process and workplace diversity. Secondly, adoption and implementation of stakeholder engagement in the scheme development and decision making process will help the organization to increase the motivation level of employees. According to these strategies, the leaders of organizations can ensure effective organizational justice for bo th employees and employers

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American Cancer Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

American Cancer Society - Essay Examplee pursuit of eliminating crabby person from the global sphere, the American Cancer Society carries on substantial enquiry and educational services internationally. Moreover, the American Cancer Society strategizes its goals and objectives through encouragement in building more cancer research institutes to enhance the global research potential. In fact, the American Cancer Society is found to be the largest voluntary research organization in America in the field of health. An association formed to render public services in the health sphere stands out to set out a successful venture if its activities are subjected to due governance and monitoring. In this regard, the American Cancer Society is also governed by two separate and apparent set of body viz. the National Assembly and the National Board of Directors. In turn these two separate bodies are constituted by bulk both nonprofessionals and medical experts. (American Cancer Society, 2010)A merican Cancer Society in its bid to create awareness about Colon Cancer conducted an advertising syllabus on a national basis. The voluntary association using Television commercials and print media conducted the advertising program. The advertisements aired in the television channels in the commercials and the newspapers were constructed targeting the ecumenic audience. A second crowd of advertisement was also made to target the African population dwelling in America. This advertisement was also aired solely by the use of radio. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisement program a market research activity was also initiated. The Market interrogation was conducted by targeting a focus group of women in the age group of 50 to 64 years. Moreover, a methodology was also devised to contact the target group of the advertisements conducted. The participants were contacted through telephone on an individual basis. Herein, a set of qualifying criteria was also decided u pon. Firstly, it was found out whether the individual was a

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Unemployment and Labor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Unemployment and Labor - Essay ExampleUnemployment and prod Decrease in fag demand and low cost of travail may also result into labor merchandise causal agent. This is because the mentioned determinants will depress the incomes of labor. Other determinants of labor market movement include culture and demographics. This also includes alternating(prenominal) elements like government benefits, demand for workers, and unemployment generosity. According to recent studies, labor market can also be determined by indicators such as diffusion of labor force by gender, senesce, and participation rates level of education employment distribution by sex and age class of workers status of speculate employment rate by sex unemployment rate by sex and age and number of people not employed and distribution by age and sex. The labor market movement is determined by many other factors depending on the distribution of labor characteristics in that market. Educational level and qualification has a central role in job transition in the labor market. Work experience and structural factors also influence the possibility of labor movement and the direction in all market segments. Labor market competition and attitude towards immigration are also determinant factors to be considered. Based on education, investment on human capital and specialization in various occupations may also determine movement within labor market.In send to forecast the rate of unemployment and nonfarm payroll change for November, I will make use of the past rates of employment in history. The prevailing market demands for labor, labor cost, required education level, rate of economic growth, unemployment policies, and interest rates. In the process of ascertaining the forecasted rate of unemployment, I will use the flexicurity debate concept that combines the flexibility of labor market with the earnest of employees. This concept has been formulated and initiated globally in attending to unemployment. As a concept it shows the necessity of balancing the need for protecting the security of labor market with the need for sufficient flexible labor market. The flexicurity policy is a reliable and flexible contractual agreement via modern labor truth and agreement collectively with the employees organization. This determines the continual opportunity for training employees for employability and adaptability. This will help me in forecasting the rate of unemployment. Active and effective policies of labor market assist employees to cope the drastic changes. This helps in minimizing the duration of unemployment and even facilitates the movement to new jobs. These policies also encourage employment, provide for sufficient support in ground of income, facilitate the coverage of the provision of social tax shelter, and facilitate the mobility of labor market. Hence, the details of the policies will help me forecast the rates of unemployment. The history of protection of labor is origin ally about the working class and the labor movement development. The policies of labor protection have been used before in determining social welfare and economic development. The need to protect the rights of workers has since made the government to get involved in the regulation of policies. These policies are often used to determine compensation and benefits accorded to workers. Therefore, the labor protection policies can also be used to forecast the nonfarm payroll change as

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The effects of cell phones in the busness workplace Research Paper - 1

The effects of cell phones in the busness workplace - Research Paper ExampleNot unusually for breakthrough engine room, the cost of a Motorola DynaTac in 1983 was $3,995.00, which, in todays terms and taking inflation into account, would be in the region of $8,500. (1)The cost of acquisition, however, was overall perceived to be outweighed by the benefits of the new technology and the status conferred on those who used it. The race to produce more affordable, smaller and more versatile hand striations for a market that could only grow is till covering little sign of slowing. Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 17 Per Cent in First Quarter 2010. (2) Figures released in 2002 by the International telecommunication Union (3) reveal that, in terms of units per person, Taiwan topped the list at 106.45 per 100, with Burma at the bottom. Weighted average was 59.3 per 100, with the United States at 48.81.The cost of initial models confined sales almost exclusively to the business sector, and indeed the benefits were immediate and enormous. On another level, the magical new device lent an aura of male monarch to its owner if you were in a position to purchase one of these vastly expensive, exotic devices, you clearly needed to communicate with other powerful, decision-making corporate warriors. Either that, or you were a very savvy criminal (3), which, to some sideline observers not yet equipped to enter the game, was also an exotic and enviable career.So we toilette safely say that the cell phone changed business for the better as soon as it became clear that to not have one was a disadvantage. let us call this Effect One, the addition of a vital tool to the company toolbox, sometimes one you had to earn by distinction until the charge enabled the purchase of a handset for personal use. It needed little to no effort to sell this new, potent symbol of progress and dynamism.It also introduced a set of changes